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Sagax Technologies is a boutique software development house dedicated to researching fresh viewpoints and stretching current thought to arrive at something innovative. We are skilled at designing database architecture and developing software solutions that meet and exceed the exacting standards of our clients in the health care sector. Our expertise extends to ensuring our final products meet the security and privacy standards of this highly regulated industry.

At Sagax, we create software solutions that make the administration of health care services easier. We help clients maintain large networks of health care professionals through state of the art methods of tracking and enhancing interactions between patients and providers. The Sagax development process utilizes Scrum for planning and for keeping us sprinting toward the delivery of our goals. We emphasize best practices such as test-driven development to produce high quality output. Our experienced team members are well versed in a mixture of technologies. We take an API-led approach in conjunction with modern, flexible javascript frameworks to create powerful healthcare applications with beautiful user interfaces. We process large volumes of data efficiently to instantly deliver the insights our clients need to get ahead.

Our success is thanks to our software craftsmen & craftswomen – a motivated and dedicated team of skilled developers. The Sagax team analyses diligently, invents with autonomy and solves creatively. We take great pride in how our work elevates our craft.


Our formula for success is simple: We hire the best people, period. We take time to handpick our team members to ensure maximum levels of collaboration and creation. Sagax people are high performers. They are curious. They are responsive. They are courageous. They are professional. They are experts at what they do. Do these attributes describe you? We want you.

As an agile, web development employer, we are looking for skilled Software Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Data Scientists, UI designers and Test Automation Engineers.

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Why We Rock

Sagax is built on the idea that we can make life better for all by making health care technology work better. We believe that with each project we take on, we have the chance to make a difference in the world. We consider each client a part of our extended family, adding another important piece of experience.

With that in mind, each day at the office becomes a stimulating challenge (and a potential cause for celebration). Sagax people know how to rock it to get things done in style.

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